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Ear Surgery/Otoplasty

Surgically repositioning/reshaping the ears to their ideal shape and form

Having prominent ears can be a source of insecurity. Usually the ideal time to perform this surgery is around the age of 5, around the time ear growth is about complete and prior to or shortly after starting school to avoid teasing from others. However, it can be performed at any time. 

The aim of the surgery is to bring the pinna (outer ear) closer to the head and provide a proper definition of the natural curves of the ear. The only incision used is retro-auricular (behind the ear), which keeps the incision protected but also concealed. Surgery is usually performed in the operating room under anesthesia, but in select cases (in adults) can be performed under moderate sedation or with local anesthesia. The recovery period, with minimal pain, is usually around 1 week.

Similarly, we also can surgically treat deformities that may be caused by gauge earrings, heavy earrings, traumatic injuries, and skin cancer. Injuries of the lobule in particular can easily be treated in the office with minimal down time. 

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