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Chin Augmentation/ Genioplasty

Augmenting the chin can bring balance to the face and nose

We can often achieve our ideal aesthetic goals by harmonizing key structural features of the face. A micrognathic "small chin" or posterior placed "retrognathic" chin can dramatically change the overall appearance of the nose, making it look too prominent

Similarly, lack of projection of the chin can also make a neck and jawline appear full or weak.

Combining a chin implant with a neck lift, facelift, or rhinoplasty surgery is a common strategy to achieve facial balance. However, chin implants can also be performed as stand-alone procedures. 

They can permanently change the size of the chin, are customizable and adjustable to fit each patient's own anatomy, and are easily reversible. 

 The procedure is done under sedation or general anesthesia. The incision is usually made in a hidden crease in the skin under the chin or through an incision inside the mouth in order to avoid any scarring. Recovery is quick, with a down time of usually about a week.  

In select cases, temporary chin augmentation can be achieved using a filler and can help you decide if a permanent implant is right for you.


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